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How is plywood different from wood?

First, the difference between plywood and solid wood

1. As the name suggests, the solid wood board is a wood board made of good wood. Wooden board material formed by mechanical sawing, planing, and joining together. Traditional home improvement panels are made of solid wood panels.

2. The base material of plywood is veneer cut from wood or thin wood cut from wood, which is bonded by special adhesive to form a three-layer or multi-layer color board. Plywood is a kind of man-made board, which is often used in furniture and can effectively save wood.

Second, the advantages of plywood

1. It has a light texture, natural texture, high strength, and is not easy to deform.

2. Plywood is not prone to warping, and has excellent tensile and bending properties.

3. The board is relatively complete, and the price is relatively lower than that of solid wood.

3. Disadvantages of plywood

1. Because there is a kind of plywood on the market, the plywood is used as the base layer, and the surface is covered with decorative materials such as fireproof boards and aluminum-plastic boards. This kind of density is not as strong as medium density.

2. The glued cleavage without sufficient drying treatment is of unqualified quality, and it is easy to deform during use, and it is difficult to repair it by external force.

Fourth, the advantages of solid wood board

1. Solid wood board is the first choice material for making furniture because of its firmness, durability and clear texture. But the cost is expensive, so many families use less.

2. The solid wood board has the characteristics of not being easy to deform and the high-quality performance of adjusting the room temperature and the humidity of the environment.

3. Because the self-made high-quality environmentally friendly glue is used in the processing, the limit of formaldehyde emission has reached the national requirements, so it is green and environmentally friendly.

4. The appearance of the solid wood board can see the annual rings and texture of the tree, which is a naturally formed item. It has the unique aroma of natural wood, has better water absorption and permeability, and is beneficial to human health.

5. Because of the natural board, the solid wood board will be lighter after being used after water treatment.

5. Disadvantages of solid wood board

1. The price is expensive, it is difficult to take care of, and the construction requirements are also high.

2. If the bread is not fully wrapped, it will cause the release of formaldehyde and pollute the environment.

Through the above explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of plywood and solid wood boards, it can be seen that those who pursue natural environmental protection will prefer solid wood boards, and those who pursue long service life and better compression resistance will choose plywood.

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