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What is plywood is used for?

1. Usually, our common plywood is mainly used for the bottom plate of decorative panels, the back plate of panel furniture, as well as various wooden crafts and product packaging.

2. Generally, construction plywood on the market is mainly used in outdoor conditions, such as building exterior decoration and concrete formwork, and is also used in decoration projects, such as ceilings, dadoes, floor linings, etc.

3. Special plywood is divided into uses according to grades. The first grade is mostly used for high-end architectural decoration, high-end and high-end furniture, and various electrical shells and other products; the second grade is suitable for decoration of furniture, ordinary buildings, vehicles and ships; the third grade can be imagined It is used in low-level building decoration and packaging materials. The special grade is suitable for high-grade architectural decoration, high-grade furniture and other products with special needs.

4. Plywood with different thicknesses has different uses in decoration engineering. For example, three-plywood veneer is generally used for door and window covers, baseboards, wall panels, furniture and other wood as surface layers; ordinary three-plywood is generally used for furniture, Mixed-water door covers, window covers, and furniture surfaces are also used as proofing templates for carpentry magnification. Five-plywood is used; nine-ply plywood is generally used to make the base layer of the baseboard, the door cover, the window cover base, and the furniture base.

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